Summer weather automotive tips

Summer’s high temperatures can cause trouble for your car. But with these tips, your car will run smoothly and safely during the road trip season. Let’s get started.

  1. Check your  cooling system

    • Make sure coolant is filled to the proper level. If not, check for leaks and have it repaired.
  2. Check your battery

    • Make sure that your battery is properly mounted to minimize vibration. Clean the corrosive buildup on terminals and connections. If it is already more than 3 years old, have it checked by your trusted technician or consider replacing it.
  3. Check your tires

    • Keep your tires properly inflated. An under-inflated tire may cause overheating that can lead to a blowout. Make sure to check your tires’ pressure when they are cold for a more accurate reading. Also, follow the recommended pressure in your vehicle’s manual.
  4. Change your oil and oil filter.

    • If your last change is dated months ago, it is highly recommended to do so before/during the summer season. Extreme heat can put extra demand on your oil and oil filter so a cleaner oil means a healthier and happier engine.
  5. Park in a garage when possible and invest in a sunshade.

    • As bad as it is for you, sun exposure can cause serious damage to your car also. Paints and interiors will fade so to prevent problems, better to park in shaded area and use sunshade if not.

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