Is your car safe to drive?

Is your car safe to drive? – the response to this question depends on the specifics of the accident that your vehicle encountered. But to be 100% sure,  it is always a good idea to have it inspected! Your repair technician can tell you if it is damaged beyond repair or not.

Once your vehicle has been inspected and, if necessary, repaired, is it safe to drive? Read on for some tips that you can do and ask during the repair process to help ensure that it will be.

Ask your technician what parts will be used for the repair of your vehicle.

The broken parts of your car can be fixed in various ways – repair, replace with aftermarket or recycled parts, or replace with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

There are pros and cons that come with these choices – safety, compatibility, cost, etc. OEM parts are not always the safest, recycled parts are not always the most affordable. Discuss your options with your technician.

Work with a repair shop that you know and trust.

You must choose repair technicians that you know, you have been referred to or has good feedback from web pages, forums, etc. You should also consider the knowledge that repair technicians have, especially with modern cars. They must have the proper training to work on today’s vehicles with  accuracy while meeting the current safety standards.

Be involved and be on top of the repair. 

Ask whatever questions you have in mind. A great technician will be willing to answer all your questions and explain to you what is wrong and how it can be fixed. You should be the one to make the major decisions even if you completely trust your technician.

Listen to your vehicle.

When in doubt, stop the car. Listen to your vehicle and pay attention to any irregularities you may encounter. Even if you’ve taken your vehicle to a shop that you trust and you’ve been involved in the repair process, it can’t hurt to ask or have it checked out if you think there is an issue.

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