Brake Maintenance

Why is brake maintenance important?

Brakes are made of materials that wear out over time. It is necessary to service your brakes regularly to ensure you and your passengers’ safety.

What are the brake warning signs?

  1. brake pedal takes too long to respond
  2. brake pedal requires more pressure
  3. there is a grinding or squealing sound during braking
  4. vehicle pulls to the right or left when braking
  5. steering wheel is shaking
  6. last brake inspection was more than a year or 12,000 miles

What will my brake service include?

Depending on your brake condition, the following service may be performed:

  1. Brake pads replacement
  2. Brake fluid flush and replacement
  3. Brake caliper realignment or replacement
  4. Brake hose replacement
  5. Brake cylinder replacement

Complete Car Repair is familiar with the driving conditions in our locations and knows that your brakes need care. We provide a complimentary inspection with every service to make sure that any problem is taken up before it becomes a major concern.

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